Monday, April 27, 2009

Studio Envy

Serious Studio Envy, that is. Currently, I have my big loom in the dining room - with boxes of stuff for other crafts piled around the loom, and one area with my warping wheel, floor inkle loom and takadai. The spinning wheel lives on the hearth in front of the fireplace mantle in the living room. My fiber stash is in bins in a storage shed in the back yard. My small loom is in a corner of the family room. (Because the big loom is in the dining room, the dining table is in another corner of the family room.) This means that when I need to use something, I have to dig it out, use it, and be sure to put it away. Not fun.

For several years now, I've dreamed of getting a studio. Wherever I go, I seem to be using the back part of my mind to evaluate spaces -"oooh, now that would make a wonderful studio!" "oooh, look at all that space!" I've gotten the issues of Cloth,Paper, Scissors on crafts studios, browsed online to see storage ideas for crafts. I heart Sara's yurt big time. Ditto for Verda's second floor studio with one wall of windows, and one wall of cabinets, and a huge worktable in the middle.

The other day, I got to see my friend Gay Sinclair's studio, and it fits my dream image to a tee! She let me come over and take a few photos (and gave me permission to use them here.) I intend to put them on my treasure map for the coming year (aka visioning board) and see if I can manifest something like that for myself. Who knows, my beloved 24 year old son might decide he's ready to launch out on his own, and I can transform his room. We'll see. But back to Gay's space...When you walk in the door, to your left is a closet wall with folding doors. Adjacent to that wall is a wall of windows with cabinets below. In the space in front of the doors is the most *amazing* worktable. The top is 4' by 8' - the size of a standard sheet of plywood. On the side you can see here, she's got shelves for notebooks and stuff. There's a cutout area where she's got her sewing machine. And here's a view of the other side of the table - this one has lots of drawers.

On the other end of the room, there are French doors to an enclosed patio area. Sitting out there, you get a beautiful view of the ocean and that magical sea smell that wafts on the breeze.

I suspect there are several reasons this appeals to me so much. I adore french doors, for one thing, and lots of natural light. I like white walls and woodwork, and light colored woods. (My photo of the cabinet/window wall came out too dark, though you can see one corner of the cabinets here.) Also, there are some amazing "items of interest" - Gay and her husband Bob collect amazing ethnic items, and their home is a feast of fascination.

Gay's loom is downstairs in another room, though her table loom is up here, and I imagine this is primarily her quilting space. I love it, though, and I love the feeling I get looking at these images.

(P.S. She has a rose garden in the patio you walk through to enter the house, and the fragrance of her roses is amazing!)


Life Looms Large said...

When I purchased my most recent loom, I was surprised to find that most of my local weaving buddies have looms all over their houses, without necessarily confining them to a studio space.

I love my studio....I'm much messier in my creative life than in real life.....and my studio is where I can be messy without disturbing my neat husband.

I hope you're able to figure out a space that works for you. I'm sure just having the intention will help make it happen.

I realize that every time we've chosen a house, I've picked a studio space right away...even before we moved in. I've been a lot better about making sure I have a space, than I have about actually making things in that space over the years! I'm trying to be better about that piece of things lately - since just a few months before I started blogging.

Well, I'm writing a novel in this comment. Sorry!

Sending you warm and inspiring studio wishes!!!


Deanna said...

Loved your comment, Sue. I sure hope the intention will help, though I've had it for a long time and still no studio. There's some resentment in the family too, for the loss of the dining room. Hope springs eternal.

charlotte said...

I know exactly kow you feel, I think.
My loom is in the hall between the bedrooms, and adjacent to the garden door, where the kids run out and in. I have no place for the warping wheel, so everytime I need it, we have to screw it together (I am lucky to have a patient, helpful husband!). Otherwise it is stored i bits and pieces in our bedroom. The knitting machine is in the pantry, so I work between canned foods, dried mushrooms, sporting equipment,... The nice thing about knitting in the pantry is that I can use the freezer as table to put notes and finished parts on. Most of all I wish I could have a table to work on other than the dining table. I want a studio quite badly, but I really don't know where to find it.
I really hope for you to find a studio soon!

Sara said...

How often do you use a dining room? How often do you have overnight guests? I think we *think* we need spaces, when our lives are just not *there*.

Our grandmothers had Sunday dinner. They needed a dining room. We have friends over, and eat more casual meals, sometimes out on the patio. I think formal dining rooms are over-rated (or used as a club to make sure you don't get what you need?). Get *rid* of that furniture, then no more arguments over whether it's a dining room or a studio space!

Obviously I am ranting now. :)

Love you.

Deanna said...

LOL - it's not really about wanting a dining room again, but about wanting enough space for all my stuff, and my dining room is barely big enough for the loom. Plus, by having different areas in the house with my weaving things, what I need at any given time always seems to be somewhere else, not close at hand. I especially covet the space for a nice big worktable. I've already informed the family that when Matt leaves, and as long as I'm here, I get dibs on his room. That will help. :-)

Susan said...

Oh, your friend has a wonderful space! I can see why it's going on your dream list.

I have a dedicated space for my studio and enoy it very much. It lacks proper storage and cupboards but all in good time. I use utility shelving and plastic tubs.
I am gaining a new window for more light in the near future and that's a nice feature.

In one past rental home, I used a combination of a small bedroom and the dining room. We normally used the smaller table and chairs ( or worse, our laps by the TV) I read that there has been a decline in formal dining furniture sales as modern families don't do 'big' meals and celebrations as much.
Sad.... but great for weavers!


Life Looms Large said...


I thought of you the other day....a hummingbird was visiting our bleeding heart plant. I so wished I had camera in hand - and I thought about what a great job you did on your hummingbird photos!

Thanks for your positive paint comment today on my blog! I needed to hear that some one liked it more than I would admit to myself. (As I type this, Jim is holding up a new paint sample.....uh oh!)

I hope your studio dreams come to fruition!! Putting in dibs on that bedroom is a good idea! Gives everyone time to get used to it!

Take care!