Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chickens and Eggs

I've been pondering again - wondering if I tend to not post very often because I mostly feel like I'm just talking to myself, or if perhaps there are few readers because I tend not to post often. I suppose both are true.

No major fiber projects to report. I started a new job at the beginning of July, and working full-time has been both a blessing and a shock. I wasn't sure I could go back to programming, and am surprised to find that the dusted off brain cells still function, and I'm actually enjoying myself! Interesting.

Tomorrow, though, I'm off into the wild blue yonder again. I'm flying to Huntsville, AL where my mother lives (and where I grew up.) My sister will meet me there, and the three of us will drive to Wisconsin to visit Mom's relatives. I haven't been to Wisconsin for almost 20 years - I'm really looking forward to seeing my aunts and uncles and cousins and their kids.

I've packed plenty of toys - a new knitting project (lovely turquoise alpaca for a diagonal V-shaped scarf,) and some embroidery floss and the new lucet that I purchased at the Tampa Convergence but have not yet played with. I'm also taking my new laptop, but that is mostly so I will be able to get some work done while I'm away. And, of course, I've got several books I'm taking. I never mind long waits in the waiting areas - it's prime reading time - nothing else to compete for your attention.

When I get back, I've got big plans. (Famous last words - how often have I postponed projects until after some big event?!) Anyway, here's what I plan to do - I'm going to box up all the STUFF that is piled in the corner of my loom area. It forms a very effective barrier that keeps me from ever approaching my loom, and that needs to change. So.... I'm going to box up all that crap, maybe even temporarily rent a storage unit so I can move the stuff out and have a clear space to sort through it all, figure out what to organize, what to release. Then I intend to weave off the warp on the Megado, and finally get a new warp on the David loom. I've got a set of weights I purchased from a guy I found on craigslist. He was stunned when I told him I was buying the set to use with a loom. :-) Kati Meek's live weight tension is magical, and I'm looking forward to trying it with some substantial weight that will be easier to manipulate than jugs of water.

Off I go..........