Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Taquete Experimenting

Today I cut off the taquete warp from the David loom. I've secured ends and the results are now in the washing machine, but before I tossed them in there, I took a few pictures.

First, here are the sheep - nice and fat after resleying the warp.

Then I began experimenting, beginning with Lillian Whipple's butterfly design from her workshop.

Remember my last post, where Sara was surprised at my using a knitted pillow top and sewing it to a commercial pillow? Well, I decided I wanted to focus on weaving taquete design strips on this warp, rather than whole towels, to make the most of the warp that remained. So... I started just weaving strips of designs. The plan is to hem them, and then sew them to - you guessed it - some commercial towels.

I wanted to create some of my own designs. I've got lots of shells and images of shells around my house. For taquete on 8 shafts, you can only have a 6 block design, so it was a bit challenging to do a design that looked like a shell, but I'm happy with the result.

Since a gold key is a special symbol for me, I tried those, using golden yellow linen for the pattern weft. As you can see, I started using off white for the background, but it's hard to see the keys (although the linen makes them pop out texturally, if not visually) so I tried again with dark blue for the background. I liked that better.

Moving along, I made a little house design, and then had the most fun creating a design for teapots and teacups. (That's my symbol for my sister, who I dearly wish lived closer so we could get together for tea.)

These look a little funky - I suspect they might look a little better after finishing. We'll see. Still, I had a wonderful time playing with making these designs. Makes me want to do more, too, although I may try this on the Megado next time so I can avoid the pickup process that slowed things down so much. In fact, I tried doing a celtic braid design, but that required SO much pickup that I finally gave up on it. I have patience, but I also do have my limits.


Lynnette said...

I didn't know that taquette could make such wonderful images...they all look so good!
Geez, seems that I've always got so much new stuff to learn about weaving.

charlotte said...

Your new designs look so good, you must be a very creative person!

Life Looms Large said...

I love your designs!! I think the tea cups and tea pots look good....and I'm not even a warm beverage kind of gal! (I know - it's at outrage living somewhere cold and liking ice water as much as I do!)

I like the shells very much also! You're good with graph paper - or whatever you're using to make these designs!!