Thursday, December 24, 2009

Brioche Boo Boo

I've been doing some simple knitting lately - currently working on a brioche rib narrow scarf in denim blue Merino. I'm enjoying this stitch immensely, until I make a mistake.

For the first experiment with this stitch, I cast on and started knitting. Made a mistake, tried to rip it out and redo, but couldn't seem to fix it so you couldn't tell where the mistake row had been. (Should have checked with this page, which says to rip out to the row *above* the mistake, then rip out that last row one stitch at a time. I decided I had made the scarf too wide, so I just ripped out the whole thing, cast on with fewer stitches, and started again.

Last night, I noticed I had made a mistake in one of the edge stitches about 10 rows back. Eyes and brain are not at their best at night, so I just set it aside.

This afternoon, the groceries are put away and the Christmas preparations mostly done, so I decided to tackle the brioche repair.

Since this was an edge stitch, I ripped out each edge stitch back to the mistake, then a few more so I could figure out the path to take to do the repair with a crochet hook. It worked!

In this first picture, my finger is pointing to the place where the repair began. On this side, you can't really see anything, I think, I hope. On the other side, there's a slight difference, but not really very noticable, and definitely better than the hole that was there before. :-)

I'm feeling very pleased with myself, and more likely to use this stitch more often now that I know that mistakes can indeed be repaired.