Sunday, January 13, 2013


Yesterday, I attended a meeting of San Diego Creative Weavers Guild, and had some surprising (to me) insights.

First, the presenter was Mary Walker - she spoke about Navajo rugs. She's spunky and funny, and when she started her talk in Navajo, I was deeply touched. Maybe I didn't understand a word she said, but my heart resonated to the truth in the language.
I don't plan to learn to weave rugs, but this just goes to show you that inspiration can come in surprising ways sometimes.

After her talk, she did a demo of spindle spinning with a Navajo spindle.  I've got one of these - though I've never really used it. Before the guild meeting, there was a yarn sale. I glanced, but didn't look much. I have so much stuff in my stash already - and suddenly, the thought occurred to me "If I don't start actually using the good stuff I've got already - someday it will simply be a neat acquisition for somebody at a guild sale." That thought took my breath away for a moment.

Yes, I'm really busy with working full-time and singing with La Jolla Symphony Chorus, and taking care of house and home. But there's no excuse for delaying doing the things that make my heart sing.  I won't go so far as to make it a resolution, but I'm hoping to think of this as a cosmic reset. Time is not unlimited. Dreams deferred too long can die.

So I want some of my joy NOW - not in a few years when I can (hopefully) retire.

Second realization - my actual use of this blog has not been for blogging, but for bookmarking other blogs I love. Most times when I go to my blog - it's really to check and see if there are any new posts on the other blogs I love to read. That's fine. (After all, I ADORE, and that is mostly a place for visual bookmarks.)  But maybe actually writing to my own blog will be a catalyst for actually DOING the things I want to spend time doing. Maybe engaging in that way will break my pattern of always seeming to be waiting for the right time, and never finding it.  Now is a pretty good time to start.

P.S. I took a note on my phone during the meeting - the Navajo word for harmony is hozho - autocorrect changed it to "hothouse". :-)