Thursday, November 13, 2008

Color Warps, Second Half

Monk's Belt, 8 shafts (red orange and peacock blue)

Polychrome Summer and Winter, 8 shafts (pastel blue, pink, peach, lime green, teal blue, violet blue)

2 Block Polychrome Double Weave, 8 shafts

Intermittent Twill with Color Progression, 8 shafts (rainbow colors)

Undulating Steep Twill, 8 shafts (2 blues, 2 greens)

Corkscrew Twill, 7 shafts (lime green and forest green)

4 Color Warp, Straight Draw on 8 shafts (pastels - 2 greens, blue, orange-gold)

Color Warps, First Half

Color and Weave, 4 shafts (brown and gold)

Five Rotating Colors, straight draw threading, 4 shafts (red, blue, yellow, orange green)

Patterned Supplementary Warp Stripes, 4 shafts (ground - orange, supplementary - tangerine, jade, magenta)

Undulating twill, 4 shafts (orange, yellow blue turquoise)

Lace Weave, 4 shafts (blue and purple)

Broken Twill, 8 shafts (dark red, blue, green)

Oh, the Looms!!!

So much stuff, so many looms, such good energy!

A couple of AVLs...

a lovely Swedish loom.

A rustic barn loom ...

A wall of warping boards ...

... and a wall of spinning wheels ...

and displays of a variety of different weaves ...

And perhaps most fascinating of all - a jacquard loom. It appears to be not yet functional - it will be interesting to see what develops!

So if you are ever in San Diego County - be sure to go to Vista and see the Weavers Barn at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum.

Splendor of Multi-Colored Warps with Betty Vera

I just had 3 days of bliss and a blast at a workshop with Betty Vera sponsored by Palomar Handweavers. The title was the Splendor of Multicolor Warps, and it was an invitation to move from the world of solid color warp and weft into a whole nother thing. I will confess that near the end, when someone asked if anyone would ever go back to a boring solid color fabric again, I did raise my hand. I truly am more of a structure person than a color person, but I learned so much in this workshop, and hope to put that information to good use, soon!

The workshop was held in the Weavers Barn at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista.

This place is what I want my heaven to look like - it's chock full of the most amazing variety of looms - from incredibly simple to intensely complex, from tiny to gigantic, from ancient to modern. Walls are lined with tools and bins of yarn.

This was the view from the workshop end of the barn...

... and this was the view from the other end.

We had a luscious stash of an amazing spectrum of weft options.

I'll post pictures of some of the looms in the barn, as well as the warps and samples from the workshop, in my next post.

This is the definition of fun!