Saturday, March 14, 2009

And Then They Flew!!!

Well, at least one of them just flew from the nest!!! Here are the two of them, pre-flight, they obviously don't fit in the nest anymore, and had their wings out.

My son Matt was taking pictures, when one of them humbuzzed right by!

He landed in a branch, and sat there for a long time. He was bobbing and flexing, as if to say "Whoa, Dude!!!" (This is southern California, after all.)
It was hysterical to sit and watch him. He sat for a long while, then his mom called to him, and he took off for a brief, rather frantic and spastic flight, before returning to the branch.

Meanwhile, back in the nest, his sister sat enjoying the warm sun, wondering where that cool breeze had come from.This is SO exciting, though of course, bittersweet, too. Not sure if they are going to take off for good now. We'll know when it's history, as my husband often says.

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Life Looms Large said...

Wow - I'm so glad you got to see them in the process of leaving the nest!

Hopefully they'll stick around for a little while at least so you can enjoy them!