Friday, February 20, 2009

Magical Things

First, a not so good photo of something truly magical. We have a potted tree on our front porch, and a hummingbird has made three little nests on one branch. You can see two of them here, and the middle nest has several little eggs in it. Isn't this cool! I'd love to remove the dead leaves and twigs, but I don't want to disturb the nest or the parents. We discovered this recently when we noticed that everytime we walked out our front door, we could hear the hummbuzz and noticed the hummingbird was strafing us - dive bombing close by in an obvious attempt to get us to move on and get away. I'm wondering how long it will be till there are little baby hummingbirds?

I've been interviewing for a job the last week or so, and after two face to face interviews, I'm sitting with my fingers crossed waiting. It's a fantastic company, great people and fascinating work and I really really hope I get the job. While waiting, I spent some time yesterday afternoon listening to the latest Weavecast, hemming my taquete towel experiments. Mental note - use sewing thread for the hems even if they are experiments. Surprisingly, I like the first one best - the thinner pattern weft - it has a sort of lacey look. I like the body of the second one - the plain taquete with 3/2 pattern weft in the same color as the warp. I may do that for the next one.

In the meantime, I'm resleying to 15 epi because..... my sheep design came out somewhat elongated. I used 3/2 cotton for the background color, black chenille for the faces and feet (that should have been thicker, IMHO) and handspun for the bodies. Here are my quasimodo sheep...

In addition, I have a little bit of warp left on the Megado. It's a 32 shaft straight draw threading, so I'm going to make a lift plan that will give me taquete. That warp is very loosely sett - only 12 epi - so it will be interesting to compare 12 vs the new 15 sett on the David vs the previous 20 epi sett I was using.

No end of fun! And delighting in little magical things.... if I can capture a picture with the hummingbird sitting in the nest, I'll post that. Amazing that they sit still long enough to sit in a nest, but they do.

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Lynnette said...

I have hummingbird envy....I can only imagine how lovely it must be. I'll be thankful when they come my way in late April and use my feeder, but I've never seen a nest! Magical indeed.