Monday, February 16, 2009

All's Right With the World

The thing I like most about organizing is that "All's Right with the World" feeling that you get, for a little while, anyway. The thing I like next most is that doing a little organizing makes you want to do even more.

A couple of years ago, a good friend and neighbor gave me some lovely vases as a birthday gift. They are blue ceramic - one with the word "harmony", one with "serenity". I love them, but unfortunately discovered that they don't hold water very well - not sure if they leaked or sweated, but I put them on the shelf to use as bookends, until the day when I would remember to find and buy some plastic inserts.

That day didn't come, but.... as part of my organizing, I decided they would be a perfect place to put my collection of bamboo knitting needles. Voila!!!

Before I put them in their new spot, I used a permanent marker to mark the sizes on the ends. That way I won't have to find my magnifying glass to check the tiny print on the sides of the needles with the sizes. I really like these needles, though they are cheapies. I bought them on ebay from a seller in Hong Kong - got a full set with all sizes for ~ $20 including shipping. I liked the first set I got so much that I ordered another in the shorter size.


Lynnette said...

I love the knitting needles, they really work well in the vases, very inspiring. I can really identify with you on the clear plastic bins....I have done exactly the same thing in my studio. I sort my yarns by fibre and can walk right to my stash and know what's available for use and what should be used. I also have a small binder that I take with me when yarn shopping, in it I have a small snip of each item in my stash and an eyeball amount on hand noted. It helps me to buy coordination colours/grists etc.

Deanna said...

found the one flaw in my bin system. I came across some more cones and went to stash them in their bins. You guessed it - they went in the BOTTOM bins. I guess eventually I need some shelving in there so I can remove just the bins I need. The trick will be finding shelving that matches the bin sizes without wasting a lot of space.