Monday, July 1, 2019

In Memory of Gay Sinclair

I lost one of my dearest friends, Gay Sinclair, a couple of months ago.
Gay Sinclair (1941 - 2019)

I got to know Gay through San Diego Creative Weavers Guild - she was an active member of the Warped Explorers Study Group - always attending, often hosting. Our guild has a Master Weaver program, and she achieved the highest level - Master - in 2007, and often served as a judge in the program after that.

Gay's home was in La Jolla, but for a few years, she and her husband Bob had a home near Santa Fe. When HGA's Convergence was in Albuquerque a few years ago, several of my friends and I met there, and we drove out to Gay and Bob's place. It was an amazing home, with a fabulous weaving studio.

Bob had a HUGE collection of textiles and ethnic artifacts. While he was showing items to one of my friends, I captured this shot of Gay, watching. He was passionate about his stuff!

Another thing Gay and I shared was a love of classical music. Gay had season tickets for the San Diego Opera, and sometimes I would pick her up and we would attend the opera together. She had fabulous seats, and we always had a wonderful time.  She was also one of the few friends that I could count on to attend performances of La Jolla Symphony and Chorus! She often sat with my dear friend and neighbor, Ann-Marie, who would use my other ticket. I always looked forward to hearing their impressions, and it made singing in the chorus even more special to know I had good friends listening.

Gay passed away unexpectedly, but peacefully in her sleep, on Monday, May 6, 2019. I will miss her big smile, and her generous heart.I will miss the weaving meetings, and the lunches, and the concerts. I'll miss hearing about the quilts she made, and the amazing trips to far-flung places she took with her grandchildren. I will miss having a buddy to encourage each other to get back to weaving. But I hope she and Bob are on another grand adventure.

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