Saturday, September 12, 2009


No, still not weaving, in spite of having two warped looms, ready and waiting. The weather here has felt like being in one long continuous hot flash, and I just haven't felt like weaving.

This post is about somebody else's weaving :-) and an idea that makes great use of narrow fabrics when you've already got too many scarves.

You have lots of options to try - narrow hem the edges..... create a lining the same way you make the body and hand stitch the lining into the bag. Easiest of all, you can stitch the lining to the fabric all around the entire rectangle. Then attach ties at the far edges of the a segments, and the far edges of the b segments, and tie them together. Instead of seaming, you can butt edges together and zigzag over the join.

For the handle, you can use a kumihimo braid, or a tabletwoven or inkle band, or even just braid together some shoelaces. :-)

Any other suggestions?


Life Looms Large said...

Thank you so much for posting this!! (The info I found online was out of a book, and it had that weird "We'll only show you certain pages" type it wasn't something I could point anyone to.) This post is great to have as a reference.

I actually have other yarn slated for bags it's great to have this new option.

I think I've seen people sew bags like this out of thrift shop fabric. I didn't realize how they were constructed, but it makes a ton of sense for woven fabric.

All summer, I've only done beach-related fiber activities - knitting lobsters and weaving beach-inspired scarves. My studio is boiling (well, until the last week or so)....and I don't really enjoy that much heat! So I'm with you in slackerdom.

I keep promising myself I'll weave much more in October. Hopefully that will really be what happens!

Thank you again for this idea!! I really appreciate it!


charlotte said...

What a great idea, thank you for posting this!