Friday, July 24, 2009

Naked and Knitting

Not me - aren't you relieved. :-)

I'm still resisting weaving for some strange reason. Like I'm waiting for some giant cue from the sky or something. It bugs me, but it is what it is, so I guess I'll wait till this resistance fades.

Plenty has been going on. I had my day in court last Friday. It was unpleasant but... I got a judgment in my favor. Not sure how much good that will do, since the company that owes me this money is apparently in dire straits. The judge was more sypathetic to them - which was really frustrating, but I keep reminding myself, I got the judgment, and that's all that counts.

Now to the good stuff. My birthday was Bastille Day - I had a marvelous time! My friend and neighbor Ann Marie went to my favorite museum with me - the Mingei in Balboa Park. We had lunch in the outdoor cafe by the art museum and just had a marvelous time! The Sunday before that, I had a fun lunch with my spinning buddies, Mary Dawn and Taryl. Taryl brought a delicious white chocolate and fruit cake.

It's been hotter than usual here in San Diego, and weather whimp that I am, I've definitely been in a low energy phase. Mary took me to a Padres game this past Sunday - it was Stitch and Pitch day - got this cool bag, started a simple knitting project to have something to take with me. We rode on the trolley - missed one exchange so we got to the game late, but that was okay. It was my first time riding on the trolley ( I live north of San Diego and it doesn't come this far up.) The Padres had a miserable game, which apparently wasn't a big surprise these days. Still, it was a fun afternoon in the sun. I like this simple scarf I'm working on - still using the turquoise alpaca I used on the last project, but this time I'm knitting a narrow lace scarf with a sort of feather and fan stitch.

And for the naked part - poor Joy has really suffered with the heat since her curly coat had grown so long. The groomer had a cancellation yesterday, so Joy got a super short summer cut - hence the nekkidness. Sure wish I could get my hair cut and look suddenly skinny.


Life Looms Large said...

Joy's haircut is cute....and yes.... I do wish that a haircut could make me look thinner! (Actually, at work we always used to say "That haircut makes you look taller, thinner and younger!")

Glad that court worked out in your favor. Here's hoping that it also results in money! Sounds like a frustrating situation.

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had several good celebrations!

I'm knitting feverishly too at the expense of weaving at the moment. Hopefully my weaving will pick back up shortly. I think it will. Maybe summer is for knitting more than for weaving?


Life Looms Large said...

Thank you so much for your furoshiki suggestion today! With a little help from Google, I found a picture of what you were talking about. Such a cool idea! I'll definitely try it sometime - not sure whether that will be with my current warp or another one.

Thank you!