Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mystery Tool

Yesterday was guild meeting and what a lovely day.

First, we just had a lot of rain, and to wake up to sunshine and oh-so-fresh air was divine.

Second, the program at our guild meeting was one of my favorite topics, given by one of my favorite weaving teachers. Jennifer Moore talked to us about Mathemagical Design. Here she is holding one of her fractal double-weave pickup samples. She combines an amazing design sense with a beautiful use of color that is just thrilling. 

Another fun thing happened during the business meeting - I was given the following "tool" for free. The only requirement is to report back whatever I discover about its function. It looks homemade - you can see there is one hole drilled in the far end of the board, and two in the near end.  the upright part consists of two pieces, with two holes drilled in each of them.
 In between them, there is a lower piece of wood, and the top piece can be removed. It is connected with a bolt, and secured with a washer and wing nut at the top. In the second photo, you can see that top piece removed.
So what this is for? I thought maybe for clamping the end of a warp to use for tablet weaving, or perhaps for band weaving with a small rigid heddle. Or maybe it's used for twining? What are the holes for? Anybody know?


Deanna said...

From what I've been able to find, this appears to be a "2 string knotted shag loom". I'll repost with pictures when I give it a try.

Boxoftrix said...

Yes this is a 2 string rag rug loom, I look forward to seeing your rug. I have been looking for a picture of one of these so i can either buy or make one, Im keen to make a rug using this method for my little girls room, I read about it in an old rag rug book i have had for some time. Yvonne