Sunday, June 27, 2010


Well, my new loom room is painted! The last session of painting was actually pretty much fun - with the window repaired and the room looking so much better, I can actually start imagining what it's going to be like when it is finished, and that thought is really exciting.

Here's a view looking back toward the closet. Plain beige color - navajo white trim (you an see that on the ceiling shelf above the closet opening.)

And here is the stack of boxes containing the new maple floor. :-) Eldy and Sam are planning to install that for me Friday. Looms should be moved by the 4th of July!!

And to continue with the colors of June thing.... here's a better photo of a jacaranda - I think the purple looks even lovelier on a gray day.

And last is one of my other favorite colors - the agapanthus begin to bloom in June, and are in full bloom by July 4th, which seems appropriate - they've always looked like fireworks blossoms to me.
P.S. There is a long hallway leading to my new loom room . Eldy suggested using it as a gallery wall for my weaving. That's fun to think about, too!

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Life Looms Large said...

Wow - things are moving quickly for your loom room! That's great!

Good color choice!! Our last house was Navajo White outside with beige trim....kind of the reverse of your loom room.

Love the idea of your hallway becoming a gallery!! And love the additional colors of June!! I have bee balm in my garden that also could look like a firework if you think of it that way. (Too bad we don't live close enough to make a bouquet with some of each flower!!)