Thursday, June 25, 2020


This time of self-isolation has been interesting for me in a number of ways. First, my days aren't all that different. :-/ My nights, however, are painfully different. If you know me, you know that one of my main joys in life these days is choral singing, and it appears that it will be at least a year before that can resume. The spring was filled with canceled concerts - a very sad thing when you've prepared some difficult music!

On a good note, though, it has been an opportunity to get a LOT of things done that have waited on the back burner for too long. I was able to get someone to do some work in my house (with adequate separation, of course) so now my bathrooms are all spiffed up and looking nice.

I also have been in the process of moving all of my crafts stuff to my home office. There had been a bunch of stuff in the dining room cabinets, and a bunch of stuff on shelves upstairs in my loom room, but now it is all consolidated. Part of that has been creating what I think of as "stations".

Sewing Station (adjacent to my desk and computer)

 I've got a small table with my sewing machine and serger here, and a shelf with all of my sewing and quilting books and tools.

Weaving Info Office Corner

This is where I have all of my weaving books and small gizmos, and notebooks and magazines (Weavers, and the print issues of Handwoven that I have. These days, I get it online.)

Knitting Office Corner

This shelf has all of my knitting and crocheting books, and the little cabinet is filled with knitting needles and crochet hooks and gripfids and other miscellaneous small fiber tools.

The adjacent shelf contains books and gizmos for my other craft interests - including polymer clay, rubber stamping, origami and paper cutting.
Kumihimo Corner - Dining Room

 Braiding books and accessories are on the dining room shelves/cabinets, with my marudai and takadai next to them.
Spinning Corner - Family Room

This is one of my favorite stations - the spinning corner. It holds my beloved Lendrum spinning wheel, a wonderful spinning stool given to me by Marianna, and the carts that hold all of the fiber prep and other spinning related stuff.

This is a Rubbermaid FastTrack (usually used for garage storage), but with the cooler hooks, I have a perfect spot to hang all of the flyers for my wheel. Much better than stuffing them in a basket or bin! No more out of sight, out of mind.

So there you have it - my happy stations. And you haven't even seen the loom room upstairs with my looms and cones of fiber, or the spinning fiber bins and silk cones and skeins stashed in the guest room. Yes, I have too much stuff - I invested well for my retirement. And the investment comes in particularly handy for self-isolation.

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